Minifootball Association of Nigeria, MAN, is the governing body for Minifootball in Nigeria.

We are duly registered as a non-profit making organisation with the CAC and operate under the license issued by the African Minifootball Confederation, AMC, (the continental body that regulates Minifootball in Africa) and we are affiliated to the World Minifootball Federation, WMF, (the global governing body for Minifootball).
Minifootball is the alternative name for small sided football (6, 7 & 8aside) played by millions of people globally.
We are working very closely with AMC, WMF and all WMF 140 member countries’ federations spread across five continents of the world to promote Minifootball as a tool for engaging the youths, eradicating social vices and building a progressive community of football lovers just so to make the world a better place.

We hope to achieve our aims by organising national Minifootball leagues and competitions as well as participating in continental and global Minifootball championships.


  • Develop, organize and control the administration of Minifootball in Nigeria in accordance with the statute and regulations of MAN.
  • Ensure Nigeria is well represented at various Minifootball championships, forums, organisations and platforms across the globe.
  • Ensure the development, growth and management of all Minifootball national teams
  • Ensure that Players and officials of Minifootball across the country are gainfully engaged, educated and have job satisfaction as they participate in the sport.
  • Ensure that sponsors of our activities at all levels enjoy excellent visibilities and mileage for their sponsorship.
  • Ensure adherence to set rules and regulations as laid down by WMF, AMC and other sports regulating bodies.


To use the platform of Minifootball to engage youths in the most progressive way that will create empowerment; foster peace; eradicate social vices and build a crime free society.
MAN Motto

MAN Motto

To take Minifootball to the pinnacle of sport in Nigeria and to make it the most spectacular fan friendly sport that Nigerians will be proud of.
Our Values

Our Values

A number of actions represent what we stand for and who we really are. These actions form the core basis for our existence as an organization. They are the aspirations and ethos of MAN.
  • Participation: It doesn’t matter who wins the match, it doesn’t matter who the best player is. What matters is the effort being part of the team and performing ones best.
  • Entertainment: Minifootball is fun. It means coming together with friends, meeting new people who share the same passion for the game and simply enjoying the sport.
  • Wellbeing: MAN addresses non-professional athletes who play Minifootball to maintain their physical and mental health.
  • Sportsmanship: Minifootball as a sport is enjoyed for its own sake, with a spirit of fair-play, respect, ethics and fellowship towards ones competitors being dominant.
  • Action: Taking action, not watching action from the couch. This concept is vividly expressed by the official motto of MAN “EVERYONE WINS.”.

MAN Motto

MAN’s motto is: “EVERYONE WINS”. To put it in the most succinct explanation, Minifootball is a game where everyone can play regardless of age, and as such, everyone is a winner as a participant. Unlike the 11-aside football, spectators can also enjoy the beautifull sport. It’s played almost everywhere and anywhere by everyone. It’s very affordable yet not losing any excitement of the game of football. Indeed, Minifootball is a game for the family!

What we do

  • We organize local and international minifootball championships and represent Nigeria in all minifootball activities globally.
  • In line with our strategic development goal, we support minifootball clubs and players through provision of sustainable human capital and infrastructural development.
  • We organise seminars and refresher courses for players, coaches and referees of Minifootball.
  • While regulating the activities of all stakeholders, including minifootball club administrators, we make players and coaches’ welfare our core priority.

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