The National Minifootball League, NML, is a special grassroot based league developed by MAN to sustain the tempo of the sport in Nigeria. NML is not just another league, but ‘the league”. It is a blend of minifootball and entertainment. The female version of the league is called Nigeria Women Minifootball League, NWML, and it will debut in 2020.


SEASON 1 (2018/2019)

  •  Season one of NML, (2018/2019 Season), which will debut on the 1st of October, 2018, promises to be captivating, intriguing and very interesting. The yearly programme is basically to create opportunity for talented footballers to horn their skills; live their dreams, earn financial rewards and above all, use the platform as a means to a glamorous future.
  • Participation will be drawn right from every arena in the parks, nooks and crannies of the country to the state level, zonal and then the national level. This of course is deliberate in order to give our would-be sponsors of the league superb and wonderful visibility and mileage.
  • Beyond the benefits of having the honor of representing Nigeria at the yearly prestigious AMC African Minifootball continental club championship and the WMF World club championship, winners will get a trophy, cash rewards and all participants (Super-6 cup) will be profiled on multiple national television for 45days.
  • Players of the NML have the opportunity to be selected into the national minifootball team, “The Jaguars” who are billed for upcoming international friendly matches, AMC African Minifootball Nations cup in Senegal and the WMF World Minifootball Cup in Australia.



    Clubs are to register online ( and be certified by MAN as Minifootball Clubs (11 players and 3officials, including a medical personnel).
  • MAN will certify Minifootball pitches to be used for both zonal and national matches.
  • Registered clubs are to compete within their states and zones and winner from each zone will play in a well-televised super-6 league format championship in Abuja between February and March, 2019.
  • The Super-6 will have several side attractions, including an ex-footballer being an anchor man and viewers will be able to vote for the MVP of the season, among others.
NML TECHNICALITIES …Truly Entertaining
  • Nigeria Football

    Upon certification of clubs, players and Minifootball Pitches, MAN trains all coaches of clubs approved for the season 1 of NML.
  • Each club is to provide a set of two jerseys (home and away) duly branded with MAN and WMF logos at both sides’ upright arms of the jersey and club logo at the breast pocket.
  • Clubs play a knockout series at the state and zonal levels with technical support e.g video coverage and officiating officials (Referees and match commissioners).
  • At the national level, which is the super-6, winners from each zone slog it out in an epic league format matches that will last for 45days. In all, 30 matches at 3 matches per week will be played and shown on television station nationwide, YouTube channel, MAN official website and other approved sites every week for 45day

NML PRIZES….Highly Motivating!

trophy prize

1st Prize Winner (club)
Trophy/$5,000 (N2,000,000)

trophy prize

2nd Prize Winner (Club)
Trophy/$2500 (N1,000,000)

trophy prize

3rd Prize Winner (Club)
Trophy/$1300 (N500,000)

  • Most Valuable Player, MVP, (By Voting) (Medal/National Team Call-Up/All Expenses Paid to Dakar, Senegal and Perth, Australia/$500 USD)
  • 1st Runner-up MVP (By Voting) (Medal/Nat. Team Call-Up/All Expenses Paid to Dakar, Senegal/$250USD)
  • 2nd Runner-up MVP (By Voting)            (Medal/Nat. Team Call-Up)
  • Man of the Match Award (By Voting) ($100)
  • Highest Goal Scorer (Medal//Nat. Team Call-Up/$300USD)                   
  • Golden Gloves (Medal/Nat. Team Call-Up/$500USD)
  • Best Behaved team of the season (Medal/$500USD)
  • Best Coach of the season (Medal/Nat. Team Call-Up/$300USD)

NML EADGE- “…Simple and Affordable”

  • Flexibility
  • People oriented
  • Community based
  • Easy to play and enjoy
  • Fair play                    
  • Entertainment based
  • Everyone wins
  • Visibility due to guaranteed viewership

NML OBJECTIVES- “It’s Possible”

  • Provide a platform for the teeming budding football talents (boys and girls) that abound in every corner of Nigeria that are desirous of pursuing a career in Minifootball
  • Give life and hope to the under privileged youths that could not be absorbed into the regular 11-aside football clubs and an opportunity to sharpen and improve their skills and tarlents with the hope of pursuing lucrative career in football generally both at home and outside the country in due course
  • Provide advisory services and guidance to numerous Nigerian youth to take to the productive and rewarding sport instead of life of crime and social ills.
  • Provide sustainable and productive job opportunities in football for our trained coaches, other football administrators and officiating officials of the game.


  • Clubs must be registered and has a known address
  • Clubs may also belong to other bodies so long it ensures players used for minifootball are not used for other competition at the same time
  • Clubs must have the capacity to take care of its 11players and 3officials, including kitting them with footwear, booths, two set of branded jerseys, training jerseys, track suits, house wears etc
  • Clubs must have a designated Minifootball pitch (Though must not necessarily own such pitch) for its training and official matches
  • Clubs must be mobile or have the capacity to transport its players to match venues
  • Clubs must be ready to submit to decisions of MAN referees, and can only submit queries through laid down channels if need be.



  • Title Sponsorship
  • Co-Sponsorship
  • V Right- Partnership
  • Radio Broadcast Right
  • Universal Insurance Coverage Scheme-
  • Official Airline
  • Official Kit Wear Company
  • Official Drink of MAN
  • Official Food Vendor




  • To expose your team to a well-packaged competition
  • To win a price for your team
  • To boost the general psych of your team
  • To expose them to foreign scout
  • The honor of having club without spending much


  • Players must not be committed to any other obligation during the entire period of the league
  • All players must submit themselves to profiling and registered as Minifootball players.
  • Players are obligated to stay from beginning of the competition to the end.



  • Sponsors get huge mileage from the massive publicity on television, youtube, facebook, other online channels, spectators and within our grassroot based audiences.
  • Get to be part of a refreshing idea and process that will engage the youths
  • Getting value for a less expensive package
  • Touching grassroots base with your support



  • Earn a living from your talent
  • Develop your football skill
  • Opportunity to be a star
  • The honor of representing your country internationally
  • Possibility of joining foreign clubs




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